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Hi-Tech News

ASUS to launch a smartphone with two cameras

The Taiwanese hi-tech giant might launch a smartphone with two cameras. A while ago, Asus announced an official event called ‘Zenovation’, set to take place...

Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a borderless display

As the launching of the phone approaches, more and more rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its design surface in media. The latest information...



Recent news

Raped by her boyfriend while having an epileptic crisis

Georgina Adams, aged 24, was raped by her fiance, Peter Cotterill, 29 years-old, while she was having an epileptic crisis. She realized what has happened...

Economy & Stock News

The expanses generated by the nuclear disaster from Fukushima exceeded $188 billion

Japan doubled the expenses generated by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, exceeding the $188 billion threshold, announced on Friday the Japanese Government. In 2013, after...

President Recep Tayyip Urges His People To Trade Their Dollar Deposits into Turkish Lira

Turks could benefit from weddings paid by the government, tombstones or even hot meals. The only condition you have to fulfill in order to benefit...

Michael Jordan: the highest paid athlete of all times

The American legend is considered the best basketball player in history and he is also the highest paid athlete of all times. Michael Jordan is...

The largest pharmaceutical company in the world received a record fine

The British authority responsible for controlling competition in the UK (CMA) announced on Wednesday that US pharmaceutical group Pfizer received a fine of 84.2...

A group of hackers attacked a bank in Liechtenstein, blackmailing customers

A while ago, some of the largest banks in London began to take special measures to protect themselves from online attacks, concerning the fact...

Editor Pickup

New Solar Capture Technique Converts CO2 Into Burnable Fuel

University of Chicago Engineers have built a new type of solar cell that would efficiently convert atmospheric carbon dioxide to fuel—and it achieves this...