If you read up on scientific research, likely you have heard about studies on invisibility. Not only is it a much heralded activity, but it’s a pipe dream that scientists and fiction writers share alike. So how close are we to actually reaching it?

Last Friday a report was published discussing the viable possibility of making things about to virtually disappear by covering them with a new substance that can change the property of those things. The question remains however, whether “coating” things makes them truly “invisible.”

Yang Hao, member of Queen Mary University of London’s center for Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, stated that the newly found concept is what backs up the popular idea of having an invisibility cloak for items. Of course this idea comes from the Harry Potter series and found itself as one of the most exciting elements of the books’ dialogues.

Though this new invisibility substance admittedly isn’t quite as rousing as the invisibility cloak of the movies, it does seek to make curved objects look flat when viewed by electromagnetic waves. The British industry is pushing for the substance to enter the market sooner than later. It’s based on the fact that if an electromagnetic wave moves along any flat surface and then encounters a bump, that wave scatters because it’s disrupting the signal. That disruption then allows the protrusion to be detected.

Researchers are mimicking a cloak of sorts by covering those curved surfaced with this nano-composite medium, a process that has 7-layers to it. Each layer exhibits different distinct properties. By coating objects, they can considerably reduce the scattering of electromagnetic waves.

This is just the beginning of manipulation and study of surface waves that science is hoping will develop into real-life uses and applications. Researchers believe that the ending result will have a large and positive influence on the entire industrial world.


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