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Tag: Philippines

Human Rights Watch: negative record in Asia

Human Rights situation in Asia has seen a negative record in 2016, a year characterized by the promotion of extrajudicial killings and the failure...

Nickelodeon will build an underwater theme park in Philippines

Palawan island is going to beneficiate of an underwater theme park that will be built by Nickelodeon. The 1,000-acre park will give fans the...

Nock-Ten Typhoon violently stroke the Philippines

At least 6 dead, 18 missing and numerous material damages: this is the balance caused by Nock-Ten typhoon in the Philippines. The typhoon violently disrupted...

War against drugs: American singer James Taylor canceled his concert in...

American singer James Taylor, the winner of multiple Grammy awards, declared on Wednesday he has canceled his concert scheduled in the Philippines with the...

Protestants ran over by the police in Philippine

The police vehicles literally ran over the protestants who gathered on Wednesday morning in front of the U.S. embassy from Manila. According to DPA, the...