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World News

Does Kate cannot get pregnant? Will she go for a surrogate?

The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince Williams, have two beautiful children. The couple revealed before that they would love to add a...

Hi-Tech News

Researchers were getting bored, so they solved the ketchup problem

Surely you've encountered the problem of removing the last drop of ketchup out of a bottle, the most annoying part of a meal. There are...

Disney innovative system, charges wireless all devices in a room

The folks at Disney have managed to successfully create a method to provide a complete wireless coverage in an ordinary room. The system allows you...

Sports News

Will Wayne Rooney leave for China or not?

Manchester United’s star, Wayne Rooney, is said to have some exciting plans. His career has almost come to an end. Indeed, he had an impressive...



Recent news

Economy & Stock News

Venezuela is starving: 75% of the population lost weight in 2016

A recent study suggests that nearly 75% Venezuelans lost at least eight 17 pounds in 2016. Last year, Venezuela was kneeled by this aggressive economic...
France tourists

Chinese, Japanese and European tourists, refusing to visit France after the terrorist attacks

The attacks that shook France also frightened their tourists, suggests a new data report. Less Chinese, Japanese and European refused to cross the French border in...
Vladimir Putin wealth

Vladimir Putin is wealthier than Bill Gates. This is the staggering amount hidden by...

Vladimir Putin, it’s not only famous for his controversial way of leading Russia, but also for his impressive fortune. Experts reached the conclusion that the...

The UK Government released the list of shame for the employers

If you are working for one of these companies, you might know that you have some money to receive. The UK government published the...

More than 1000 companies are quitting Breitbart

Huge brands like Kelloggs, Visa or T-Mobile refuse to advertise at Breitbart after a massive online campaign. The far-right company had some giant clients advertising...

Editor Pickup

Melania’s face when Donald rubbed her shoulder is priceless!

Donald Trump’s critics noticed that his wife, Melania Trump, had the most awkward reaction after he rubbed her shoulder. The facial expression was captured by...
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