The Bachelorette will never be the same without Chad. Well, while many fans of this show and Chan in particular still cannot survive the loss, JoJo continue to choose.
Alex does not believe that Chad can be the real good representative of the USA Marine Corps, and Evan is still angry with Chad because of the interruptions during the cocktail party with JoJo. We believe, that Chad just reminds him bullies at his school.
And, probably, JoJo was offended by him when he said that she did not earn the right to know more about his previous sexual life.
She had her moment with Luke who has told her about the military past.
Still, we, the lovers of good reality shows, are not happy with the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. It is no diversity there.
Yes, sometimes they are kissing, and the boys even fighting about the girl, but where is the real movement?
When JoJo will be ready to go to the one-on-one date and will keep the rose?
Chad believed that he was that diversity for JoJo and helped her to be different. He told us his heartbreaking story about Afghanistan and all his life experience. Maybe he was too adult for JoJo.
During the past date we thought that Derek has his own secret, and he is still in love with his ex, but now he has completely new story. And, probably, there was no one who could leave with a good reason, so they moved away Chad. He confronted with the guys and there was no excuse for that.