And a Bloomberg Politics poll issued last week showed 55 percent of those surveyed thought Trump was more knowledgeable about how to create jobs.
“Well it turns out, he’s unsafe there, too”, Clinton said.

Then, she contrasted her supposedly successful efforts to Donald Trump’s “reckless” economic record.

“The United States of America doesn’t do business Trump’s way, and it matters when a presidential candidate talks like this because the world hangs on every word our president says”, she said.

Even Bernie Sanders, who is presumed to have lost the Democratic nomination, outraised Trump fivefold, collecting $15.6 million in the month of May. She said economists of all ideologies agree that Trump’s ideas “would be disastrous” and pointed to opposition to Trump from both 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and liberal Massachusetts Sen.

“I think profiling is something that we’re gonna have to start thinking about as a country”, he said in an interview with CBS’s Face The Nation. The report predicted Trump’s economic proposals would trigger a recession and the loss of 3.5 million jobs in his first term alone.

Additionally, a super PAC helping Clinton’s general election effort raised $12 million in May.

Clinton’s speech in Columbus, Ohio, a state that will be a battleground in the November 8 election, was the second in which she has argued the wealthy businessman is “temperamentally unfit” to lead the country.

“Just as he shouldn’t have his finger on a button”, Clinton said, “he shouldn’t have his hands on the economy”.

Throughout Clinton’s speech, Trump responded to Clinton with several tweets, and his campaign sent out several press releases on Clinton’s record and Trump’s economic plan. “Maybe that we’ll learn he hasn’t paid taxes on his huge income?.Or maybe he’s not as rich as he claims, or that he hasn’t given as much away to charity as he brags about”.

Trump praised Lewandowski’s performance during the Republican primaries but said the campaign needs to be re-organized ahead of the fall election.

A review of the May filing also shows that Trump has so far recycled more than $6 million in campaign funds back into Trump corporate products and services-including a $423,000 payment to his Mar-a-Lago club, where he delivered a Super Tuesday victory speech in March.

Clinton, speaking at a vocational high school, railed at length against Trump’s positions on taxes, Wall Street regulations, and global trade.

As many as 400 of the party’s 2,472 delegates who formally elect the Republican nominee have expressed support for a movement to stop Trump, according to the Washington Post.

The party began June with about $20 million in the bank and $7 million in debt.