Of course, there is a lot at stake in this last race. And we can remind you why they are so important for everyone.
If you still do not know all the figures on the board, you have to read it carefully before voting.
Kamala Harris, Attorney General, who is well-known in San-Franciso as the former district attorney, and also as the person who has something to say in the government. She has a perfect reputation and is ready to fight. Her rival Loretta L. Sanchez, the U.S. Representative of California district has shown her ambitions after she crushed Bob Dornan, GOP congressman in 1996 during the elections in Congress. Since then she is making everything to become the first Latina woman in the Senate. They both have the huge supporting group in Southern and Northern California.
According to the Field Poll, one of the most respected polls in the USA, the main turnout in Tuesday’s primary elections will be 8 million; it is 44.7 percent of voters. Totally, in the State are registered 17.9 million voters.
Out of the contest are Republicans Irwin Edelson, Linda Bobo, and Kurt Folcher, who all has almost 2000 votes and even more. They will take on themselves Democrats with more than 3 000 votes Andrew Douglas, Harriette Cohen, Kareem Pritchett, to meet in the fall, in Township Council at the Mount Laurel.
As for the main leaders in the presidential race, Sanders and Clinton go neck and neck, according to the last polls in California.