Pacific Gas and Electric Company took a huge step to close their last nuclear plant in the state of California. The company has decided to move into a cleaner source of energies like wind and solar.

PG&E’s decision to close its Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is a distinct step from other nuclear Corporates, who are adamant on the stand that nuclear energy is the best option for a clean fuel to meet the energy standards of the highly dense population.

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is the largest nuclear power plant in California, with the company’s decision to close the plant it becomes the last of its kind in California.

The company has decided to shut down the reactors by 2025 and to substitute them with renewable sources like solar and wind.

The stand by the corporation to close the reactor is praised by many. Daniel Hirsh, a California radiation expert, told that the company’s decision to shut down a device that is 1000 times radioactive than of the Hiroshima bomb is the right choice.

Though there is a concern regarding the nuclear plant’s safety and the hazardous nature, there is no questioning the fact that nuclear power stations can produce a significant amount of carbon-free electricity.

The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant closing is an indication for the other aging nuclear power plants to shut down.

Keeping Diablo Canyon or any aging power plants is not good in an economic perspective as there are cheaper sources of renewable energy on the market. Based on a new finding from the International Renewable Energy Agency the cost of electricity production from solar is to come down by 59% which makes it cheaper than fossil fuels.