Naloxone, an opiate antagonist drug, is used in the intervention of drug overdoses. Medical research along with the Federal Drug Administration has been attempting to make this drug more accessible to general public through medical providers in an attempt at intervening drug usage and overdoses.

In 2015, a law was passed that through medical providers those in need of this medication were able to get a prescription through their doctor. Many people were reluctant to ask their doctors for this medication due to the social stigma of drug addiction, however, the law was amended so that those who do have an addiction problem were not turned down or asked relentless questions in order to obtain the medication.

Until the law was passed in 2015, only medical professionals and emergency medical workers were allowed access to the medication for patients and those who needed emergency medical rescue services. With the addition of the 2015 law, anyone with a prescription from their medical provider can now obtain this medication in order to help prevent or intervene in the event of an overdose on another medication or an illegal drug.

The Federal Drug Administration is seeking to provide training to medical professionals on instruction in how to administer the medication and teaching their patients who are given the prescription how to administer it and what to look for in the case of side effects.

Many people are still learning about the availability of Naloxone (also known as Narcan) and coupled with the fact that many are afraid of the stigma of being a drug addict, many don’t ask for this medication. With the passing of the new law allowing those in need to obtain the medication without question, it is the hopes of the FDA that treatment can help those in need and reduce the risks that many have for overdoses.