Obesity is a disease that many struggle with and one that a lot others do not even want to have to deal with and this has led to a lot of diet changes in many people, one of such being avoiding pasta.

However, if you are a pasta lover and you have had to do away with the food because you fear that you might become obese, there might just be some good news for you yet. New researches and studies that were carried out in Italy have given pasta lovers a new reason to be happy as they have claimed that pasta has no link to your obesity. In fact, the study then gives you the key to eating your pasta happily as it also suggests that pasta might even be a key to reduction of obesity.

The researchers took into study some 23,000 Italian people whom they observed their eating habits. After the research, it was seen that there is no fact to draw a bridge between the body mass index of individuals and the amount of pasta they took. One of the researchers,

George Pounis (Institute of Research, Hospitalization and Health Care) has further stated that consumption of pasta within reasonable limits would instead help the consumers to maintain a very good BMI, waist girth and an improved hip to waist ratio.

In conclusion, the research has stated that the consumption of pasta would help people to naturally migrate towards the direction of weight loss and would better help people that were obese or tending towards obesity to better manage their condition.

This research has further confirmed the claim of the Mediterranean diet being very healthy as previously considered and the pasta contained therein is a plus to this fact now.