MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - SEPTEMBER 02: The new Google logo is displayed on a sign outside of the Google headquarters on September 2, 2015 in Mountain View, California. Google has made the most dramatic change to their logo since 1999 and have replaced their signature serif font with a new typeface called Product Sans. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Google has been synonymous with hi-tech since the company became the search engine of choice for the world. Google has always plowed the money that the company made back into inventive hi-tech that is usually but not always exactly what their clients and the people that pay for ads on Google want.

Google’s success in beating others to the punch and the money is often the result of listening to their clients and adapting their software and presentations to what their surveys of client preferences produce. Google has been very scrupulous in producing innate artificially intelligent software that ferrets out the best content.

Google’s latest hi-tech addition to its suite of free services is a language translation for Android phones called Google Now on Tap. The addition presently works only for Android Marshmallow devices.

This is Google’s most ambitious venture into translation software to date. The choice of base languages for the user is limited and fits the markets that Google sells the most in and gets the most ad revenue from.

The software is basically an app that lets you translate all of a page or any part of a page that you highlight or tap. The facility is much superior to Chrome’s translation and hundreds of times faster because it is cloud based. The app is considered by Google to be a personal assistant. The app fits seamlessly with any platform.

One of the promoted uses for the app is communication between personnel in businesses that are located in different countries and speak different languages. The advantage of instant translation is naturally income based.

The translation has more utility for the average person who shops in foreign countries or on foreign web sites. You get the info on the site and added details from other sites all translated for you with a single tap.

Google just became the king of translation. No one that follows hi-tech expected anyone else to be king.