In the wake of all of the police violence and retaliation against police by supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, the acts of shooting are being called ‘modern day lynching’s.’ But it isn’t only the modern day type of lynching that is happening today, it seems that some people are reverting back to the old way of lynching – by hanging people from trees.


Police discovered the body of a black male, between 25-35 years of age, hanging from a tree in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, yesterday. Police claim that they have heard rumors of the KKK being in the area, but are also claiming that it appears the hanging might have been a suicide. The man, police say, was clean cut and dressed well, had headphones in his ears and a backpack on. The reason they say they believe it may have been suicide, is that they claim they found markings conducive to the man climbing on top of a trash can located next to the tree and on the tree itself.


This particular case has been sent on to the FBI for further investigation. Police are unsure whether it really was a suicide or something much darker. The investigating officers discovered no visible signs of foul play so they are leaning towards suicide, but it will be up to the FBI to find out exactly what happened and who, if anyone other than the man himself, was involved.


Piedmont Park has now become a trending topic on social media with BLM supporters calling it another ‘modern day lynching’. The man’s identity is still yet to be discovered and will be released when the investigation reaches the appropriate point in time.