Overnight, a barrage of shots rang out through the streets of Dallas, Texas. During a peaceful demonstration for Black Lives Matter, a sniper or snipers shot police officers below that were working at the gathering. Multiple gun shots were heard to ring out as the participants of the rally scattered. As victims lay in the streets, hundreds of police officers descended on the downtown area. Five Dallas police officers were killed in the line of duty, and others were injured, all were taken to Baylor and Parkland hospitals. Two civilians were also caught in the sniper’s cross hairs.


Police later cornered the shooter in the downtown El Centro college campus. They evacuated the massive downtown area. During negotiations, the suspect voiced his hatred for whites, Black Lives Matters, and the recent shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. He also warned of bombs planted around the area. Refusing to surrender, the Dallas SWAT team used what was described as a “bomb-like” device on a robot to “take out” the suspect. No bombs were located after an extensive search of the area.


Dallas mayor and police chief spoke at a news conference this morning, updating the media. They could not comment on the rumors of suspects in custody, nor could they comment on any other details of the on-going investigations. The downtown area has been closed with El Centro classes also being canceled. The massive office skyscrapers are closed for the day, and mass transit has been stopped in the area. Most noticeable to the Dallas residents, is Reunion Tower, who turned the usually colorful lights off in memorial. The Omni hotel blinks a new message “Back Blue” for the police community that is reeling still today. A service has been planned for this evening.