The recent case of a black man hung on a tree in Piedmont Park Atlanta, has been referred to the FBI. This was mentioned in a statement issued by Atlanta, Ga. Mayor Kasim Reed on Thursday afternoon.


According to reports, the announcement came hours after many people had taken to social media expressing suspicions and outrage. Even though the scene was well-known to be involved with suicide and other death cases, authorities are yet to come out with tangible evidence on the cause of this recent death.


Although not formally identified yet, the young man who lost his life in Piedmont Park was believed to be between 25 and 35 years old.


Police confirmed that his body was found at around 5 a.m. hanging from a tree near Charles Allen Dr entrance in Piedmont Park. However, another autopsy is yet to be performed.


According to Donald Hannah, a police spokesperson, there were no discernible signs of a struggle or foul play on the man’s body.


The Atlanta Police Department has revealed that an investigation into the man’s death is already in progress. Though the man’s death has been referred to the FBI, investigators said the scene was consistent with suicide.


A day before the man’s death, two black men were fatally shot by some police officers. As usual, people did not hesitate to compare the deaths of Philando Castle and Alton Sterling with the latest hanging.


While others are suggesting links to the Ku Klux Klan, some folks have been referring to the incident as “another modern-day lynching.” Unarguably, they are suspicious about the suicide angle.


The police have revealed that they will share all evidence discovered during the investigation and will not prejudge the situation.