Trains on both the Congress Branch and Forest Park Branch were forced to stop temporarily when a woman threatened to jump on the CTA Blue Line tracks on Friday morning.


This happened in the Wicker Park neighborhood near line’s Western Avenue. Due to her threatening to jump onto the tracks, the trains were forced to temporarily halt transport services.


Her threat and futile attempt to jump on the CTA Blue Line tracks hampered the passage of trains from both the Congress Branch and Forest Park Branch.


The temporal stalling of trains from both directions got most train users delayed while police tried to persuade and rescue the woman from jumping to her death. However, as a form of an alternative, commuters who were used to using the Blue Line in this area were advised to consider the No. 7 Harrison bus.


According to Chicago Police, the information came at about 8:21 a.m., when officers were called to the Damen Station. Although she did not jump, train transport activities in that area were halted for a moment.


Eventually, the woman was taken to a nearby hospital for some psychiatric tests and mental health evaluation. However, neither details of her age nor the name of the hospital where she was taken to for immediate care was revealed by the police.


Due to police activity in the area, CTA Blue Line trains were stopped at Western. This was released by the CTA at about 8:26 a.m. in a tweet posted. At last, transport services resumed as trains started moving with residual delays, shortly after 9 a.m.


So normalcy has returned back on tracks in Bucktown, near the Western Avenue stop as CTA Blue Line trains are now moving.