Breast Cancer is a dreadful disease which attacks a woman’s breast. Some may be so severe that it will affect both breasts. This has resulted in most women losing theirs to this deadly disease. Where a breast is removed does not guarantee that the patient will survive. Studies have shown that Black women have a lesser chance of survival than White women. The disease has caused several deaths especially in Africa where there is poor enlightenment about the disease. There are inadequate facilities to treat and also prevent the disease in Africa. This has prompted the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to see that research to discover the reason why the survival in black women is low. This announcement was made on Wednesday that a study will be carried out to explore the genetics of black women. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) will administer the $12 million grant.


Dr. Douglas R. Lowy, who is the acting director of the National Cancer Institute in a press release, stated that the idea was to ensure that all Americans either black or white have the same chance of survival peradventure the dreadful disease attacks them. He also said that the study would not only focus on the reason why black women are unlikely to survive the disease than white women but will also concentrate on the origin of the illness and the best treatment that will be available.


However, some have argued that most black women do not get proper health care, or they don’t have a good health insurance scheme. It has also been stated that the environmental and genetic factors are also some of the reasons for the unlikely hood of the survival of the black woman from cancer.