Anki has launched its latest foray in the robotics world by introducing its AI-powered robot companion, Cozmo.

This reliable machine comes with a bunch of features in its tiny frame, (though at first glance, it looks like a geeky toy). Do not let the appearance deceive you because Cozmo was designed to utilize the most recent innovations in machine culture to achieve myriads of tasks including motor functions, facial recognition, and dynamic personalities just to mention a few.

Apart from that, the firm has announced that customers will be able to program additional functions to the device, making it capable of performing any task its creator dictates. It can be programmed to perform user-specified functions like automatically launching Netflix when it sees people are gathering in your living room or dimming the lights to set the tone for a romantic evening. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, programming is not the easiest of tasks, (people take years to understand the field) but Anki promises to bring a better coding-friendly approach to the system once it is launched this October. A handy SDK (software development kit) will ship alongside Cozmo, which features prebuilt user-programmable code specifications that carry years of dedication and love from the team.

Users don’t have to set up codes from the ground to make Cozmo perform a simple task like traveling in straight lines to more complex tasks such as recognizing a familiar face.

After its handy app on Android and iOS devices are plugged to a computer, users can choose to call a dedicated function for any of the tasks and Cozmo will perform the rest.

Cozmo’s future looks bright, and Anki has ushered a new era in the robotics world by taking it to the masses, (it was previously used by just high-tech labs). Those interested in buying it can do a pre-order now for a discount price.