The patterns of the Earth’s cloud have been changing consistently. Climate scientists have associated this change with the global warming situation. It is observed that the clouds are gradually moving towards the poles of this planet. A recent climate study suggests that global warming is not only caused by the steadily rising temperatures of the world, but it’s also caused by the changes in the earth’s cloud patterns over two decades.

Satellite data examined by climate researchers at the University of California, San Diego in the 1980s showed that the clouds usually seen in the mid-latitudes had moved higher in the sky and toward the poles of the earth. The clouds cover about 70 percent of the earth, and it is always moving and changing shapes making it difficult for researchers to study. Reading the cloud has to do with tracking liquid droplets behavior in the atmosphere. It is observed that the earth is cooler during the daytime when there are thick cloud formations that help block the heat from the sun. Sometimes, these thick clouds prevent heat from escaping from the earth, thus making cloudy evenings warmer than clear nights.

The absorption of solar radiation by the earth will increase as a result of these changes in the pattern of the cloud. This phenomenon will reduce the emission of thermal radiation from the earth to space and will, in turn, worsen the effects of global warming by increasing the level of the greenhouse gas. The researchers also said that the effect of the volcanic eruption that occurred on earth and the rise in greenhouse gas levels are affecting the clouds behavior. In conclusion, researchers believe there will be a continuous change in cloud pattern as the effects of global warming rises.