Pokémon Go is a mobile game that became very popular some weeks ago. The game has to do with the ability to chase Nintendo Cartoons in real environment with a Smartphone. The games would have been the first AR app for the masses. These masses would have been persons who are addicted to Google.

The company that developed the game is called Niantic Labs. The company was formed inside Google; later Niantic Labs decided to move out and stay on its own last fall. The company stated that the reason was particular to them.

Niantic was set up to be Autonomous

Hanke, an executive of Google, is one of the officials who spearheaded the project. Niantic was ordinarily set up to be an autonomous unit of the business, an experiment by Google which pre-dated, Alphabet, which ran at arm’s length from the membership.

Niantic planned to go back and be part of Google afterward or be spun out according to an insider.

Niantic came on board immediately Alphabet was announced; our source said that plans were already in place before the restructuring started. John Hanke during an interview told Business Insider that talks resurfaced as Alphabet did. Google said when the spinoff started that plans are on the way to commence the growth by becoming an independent company which in the same vein will help them to work with other investors and partners in the entertainment space.

Niantic was a Game and not a Platform.

When Niantic became independent, it was able to get Nintendo to become its partner who signed Pokémon GO. John Hanke also told Business Insider that his operation was against Google’s plan to remain neutral. Google prefers platforms rather than developers. They don’t want to favor any developer.

A few years ago Google spent about $30 million on Magic Leap, which is operating as a platform unlike Niantic, which is working with gaming and AR. It has not been confirmed if the investment includes a stake in the earnings gotten from Pokémon Go.