Jeff Bezos has since been known as a proud “Star Trek” fan. His appearance in the “Star Trek” 13th film points back to his boyhood passion.

A few months ago, while he was on stage for a short interview, Bezos told the executive editor of the newspaper, Martin Baron, that he is a fan of the 1960s TV series, and that “Star Trek” also inspired Echo/Alexa, the robotic voice-recognition assistant of Amazon.

Our vision was that it would become a ‘Star Trek’ computer,” Bezos stated, confirming that this science-fiction franchise made by Gene Roddenberry was the main inspiration for the awesome technology. “You can ask it anything, ask it to do anything for you, or ask it to search for things for you and it will be easy to discuss with, in a natural way.”

“as humanity, and as a civilization, and a technological civilization, we are still far from having something as magical and astonishing as the ‘Star Trek’ computer,” he continued. “We have a few centuries. I don’t think we will need that much time.”

Baron asked how often the “Star Trek” series has served as an inspiration, and Bezos thought about his childhood. “in fourth grade, me and my friends Kyle and Dean, who lived next door, play Star Trek nearly every day. We would fight over characters such as Captain Kirk or Spock. And you know, it was very interesting. We made small cardboard phasers with cardboard tricorders—good days.”

Bezos has acknowledged “Star Trek” in different ways. At the space exploration company’s offices, near Seattle-Tacoma airport, a model of the incredible starship Enterprise is showcased. He has also named his pet dog after ’90s Star Trek character called Kamala. In 2014, when Bezos joined the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, he challenged “Star Trek” actors Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, and George Takei to join. With a role in “Star Trek Beyond” a part of which is located on a primeval, gyroscopic Federation starbase, he might be the franchise’s premier on-screen space colonist that hopes to construct a space colony.