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Chronic fatigue syndrome is a real medical condition that can be characterized by a permanent feeling of tiredness or severe debilitation. Left untreated, the medical condition could last for years. In the long term, CFS damages your memory and your ability to concentrate. Even though most experts acknowledge chronic fatigue syndrome as a real disorder, doctors disagree. They claim the syndrome can’t be considered a real diagnosis and there are no tests to prove it exists. Apparently, most patients develop CFS after overcoming a viral infection. Given the fact CFS is really hard to detect, experts claim that if the fatigue lasts for more than six months, patients should take measures. Other long-term symptoms include:

-forgetfulness, losing memory

-sore throat

-increased lymphatic ganglions

-muscular pain

-articular pain


-difficulty sleeping

Some patients claim symptoms such as faintness because their blood pressure is very low after they stand up from sitting or lying down. If you thought things couldn’t get any worse, depression pops up. The state of low mood manages to mess up daily routine and requires better planning of duties. Or worst case scenario, a person becomes helpless and will constantly need someone’s assistance. Unfortunately, only 10% of the patients make a full recovery, while most people spend their entire life fighting the syndrome. Apparently, the disease is more common among women in their forties and fifties.