What would have gone down as one of the best convention speeches in history became a subject of controversy and embarrassment when it was found out that Melania Trump’s speech was virtually the same as Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech.

Even though Donald Trump’s campaign team has been trying hard to make it look like a mere co-incident but the words are too similar to be a co-incident. Someone in Trump’s team obviously neglected his or her duty.

In a desperate bid to absolve Melania of the major gaffe, Trump’s campaign spokesman kept blaming it on her “team of writers” but Melania had already said she prepared the speech with as little help as possible which is in conflict with the spokesman’s statement.

Despite the embarrassment the issue has generated, Donald Trump has made it clear that he does not intend to fire anyone in his campaign team over the issue. Whether the matter will die off soon or not depends on how Hilary’s team decides to handle it. Both teams are campaigning against each other and this plagiarism is obviously a big point for the opposing team. They can decide to let it go or continue to paint it in different negative forms.

While a lot of people feel Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman ought to be fired for this, Trump thinks otherwise. Critics feel that even if Manafort didn’t prepare the speech, he should have vetted it and probably subject it to plagiarism test before his approval. Suffice to say Melania would not have gone ahead with the speech without Manafort’s approval.

Although everyone sees the issue from plagiarism perspective, Ben Carson, former 2016 candidate has given a new angle to it. He feels that it only shows that all Americans share the same values irrespective of the party they belong.