Apparently, the middle-aged woman ignored the warnings that forbid visitors to get out of their vehicles. The moment she stepped out from the car, the animal attacked her with lightning speed.

The horrible event took place in Badaling Wildlife World and according to Daily Mail, after slaughtering the woman, the tiger came back after her daughter. Earlier that day, the authorities advised the woman to stay in the car, but she ignored the warnings. The woman and her daughter were part of a bigger group that was enjoying a nice afternoon in the theme park.

Apparently, the tiger attacked the older woman while she was switching car seats with her husband. Even though the security arrived at the scene quickly, they only managed to save the younger woman. The man behind the wheel tried to rescue his family members, but they were mauled right in front of his eyes.The girl remains seriously injured in hospital, while her mother died minutes after the attack. The tragic incident was captured on CCTV footage.

Badaling Wildlife World is a safari-themed park that allows people to visit the safari in the comfort of their own car. According to the authorities, Badaling Safari World closed its doors until further investigation. Apparently, this is not the first incident for Badaling Wildlife World. Two years ago, one of the tigers killed a zookeeper while he was feeding the animal.