The troubled redhead definitely doesn’t have time to get bored. The 30-year-old star managed to get involved in yet another scandal.

Apparently, this time around with her fiancé, Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov. The altercation took place in her London home after Lindsay accused Tarabasov of cheating.

Lohan managed to wake up the entire building after screaming on the apartment balcony that her cheating fiancée is trying to kill her. “Please! I’m begging you! He just strangled me. He almost killed me. Everybody will know about this. Get out!” screamed the actress while the neighbors listened in terror.

According to British tabloids, the neighbors were also the ones to call the authorities. The police arrived at the Knightsbridge property ten minutes later.

After breaking the door, they realized that the apartment was empty. After moving to London in 2012, Lindsay stayed away from scandals and the partying scene, enjoying a low-key romance with Tarabasov.

Even though they seemed really happy, their relationship is on the rocks and the 22-year-old businessman was recently seen partying alongside other females. Lindsay and Egor first met at a party in 2015. After six months of dating, the couple got engaged. Lindsay accepted the proposal after Egor surprised her with an impressive 5-carat emerald ring. During their relationship, Egor spared no expense. He surprised Lindsay with the most glamorous holidays and shopping sprees all around the world. Despite his young age, the Russian is known for his natural flair in business and his impressive wealth.