Lindsay Lohan is in the news again for bad reasons. The 30-year old “Mean Girls” actress got into a fierce argument with her fiancé in her London apartment in the wake of last Saturday. The police were called by the neighbors after she was seen screaming and cursing from her balcony.

A video recording of the row is circulating where Lindsay was caught shouting that Egor strangles her and almost got her killed. She purported that she had no affection for him again and told him to leave her house. Lohan further alleged that he has been violent with her over time, and that is on the tape. She called him different names and even mentioned that he needs help.

The Police came to the scene after it has been reported that there is a woman in distress. On getting to the address, it was a surprise that there is no one in the apartment. They forced the door open ensure that there is safety in the air. The Police later made inquiries and traced the occupants and discovered they are well and safe.

Egor Tarabasov, A Russian business person, was alleged by her fiancé of cheating with an old friend. It was reported that by Lindsay in a cryptic message posted on Instagram claiming Tarabasov cheated with her old friend, Dasha Pashevkina during a night out the two. Lohan called Dasha a “Russian Hooker” in one of her posts.

Dasha Pashevkina has responded that she would seek legal action against Lindsay. She claimed Lohan is very insecure and threw Egor’s phone into the swimming pool in one of their rows. She also mentioned that she had known Egor for years, and she introduced Linsay to Egor.

There was also a rumor that Lindsay is pregnant, a report that cannot be confirmed by his father, Micheal Lohan. There were also parts played by the father in the row. There was a report that Micheal supports his daughter and sent out warnings to Egor.