A major adviser to the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that they have no problem with the Sunday cover of the New York Times which depicted a nude photo of Melania Trump.

Jason Miller, the campaign’s senior communication officer, stated on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that the photos are a celebration of a human body as art.

“There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, she’s a beautiful woman,” Miller said.

The New York Times article published several nude pictures which had been taken sometime in 1995. The photos appeared in the now-defunct men’s magazine and haven’t been published online before now. The article’s cover was “the Ogle office”.

Trump responded to the post and said that his wife was a very successful model, and she worked with many photographers, including major magazines and covers. He also said that the photos were taken for the European magazine before he met Melania and noted that in Europe, such pictures were common and fashionable. Similarly, Miller, on CNN stated that the photos were over 20 years old, long before Donald Trump met his wife.

Trump married Melania sometime in 2005, and his prior marriages were also to famous models: Maria Maples and Ivana Zelnickova. Trump’s many business ventures include an agency for models called Trump Model Management.

In a post, which has endorsed Donald Trump for the nomination from the Republican party in April also profiled Jean Ale Alexandre de Basseville, the photographer who took the photos. Basseville denounces the fashion world stating that he is completely against the world and doesn’t understand why girls would be with old guys just to afford a Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel handbag.

He also stated that the fashion industry is the biggest pimp ever.

However, Basseville defended the unclad photos of Melania and called them a celebration of the art of the female body. Trump has remained the target of extensive criticism after his numerous sexist comments which were made before and during his campaign for the office of President.