If you have been following the trend of things, you would have known by now that Niantic, Pokémon Go’s developer, is not a big fan of third-party sites that grant players the ability to locate and see those small creatures around them.

Now, it is even more difficult to hunt down that special Pokémon that appears on your in-game not-radar since Niantic recently disabled the feature “how far are Pokémon away from you” in the game.

Of course, no one really likes that. Apparently, there are several priorities at the moment but they may discover soon that those things won’t really work. In a recent chat with Forbes, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke disclosed that people are trying to take data out of their system by hacking around which is outrightly against the company’s terms of service. To him, they are only hurting themselves as it deprives the game off of some fun.

As a result it seems that some major third-party Pokémon-tracking sites are currently experiencing some issues. As of time of this writing, Pokevision cannot be accessed. A warning statement that reads “Services are currently unavailable” is all that can be seen on the site. For updates, fans are advised to consult the site’s official Twitter feed. But over there, the picture is even more grim.

If you were trying to track down certain kind of Pokémon, Pokevision was incredibly useful. While allowing you to see exactly which Pokémon was in a given location or around you and how long they will stay before they finally disappear, Pokevision presents one of the best sites to bolster your Pokemon hunting so you do not have to waste your precious time sitting around in a park.