Rio is a few days away and it seems to be more dramatic than athletic. The Australian team refusing to lodge in their complex, protests on the streets of Sau Paulo and the Zika virus are some of the many talking points. Behind all of this, we shouldn’t forget the main objective; which is having fun through sports.

Sport is any form physical activity that is usually competitive with the aim of improving physical skills, ability and amusing spectators and participants through organized or casual participation.  Olympic Sporting activities are of various forms and types, some sporting activities require dual participation, some require up to hundreds of participants to act simultaneously either as individuals or as a team. Sport is a very flexible activity which is open to invention and inclusion.

Sport has generally been established based on physical athleticism or physical agility by top sports governing bodies like the Olympics. These classifications by Olympics and some top sport governing body is subject to scrutiny and point of view. Organizations like sports council of Europe use definitions disqualifying activities without physical component from been classed as a sport. However, there have been clamors from some quarters some competitive but nonphysical activities to be regarded and recognized as mind games.

Chess and bridge asbona fide sports and a few other non-physical sports are technically regarded as games but are considered as sports through ARISF by the international Olympic committee. Although, limitations and cautions have been put in place to check mate the difference between games and sport. The bone of contention remains that sports derive entertainment and amusement for both participants and spectators at large, it has also evolved to a source of income and a way of life.

All known sports are governed by a set of customs or rules that serve as a yardstick in enabling a fair competition and ensuring consistency in judgment and pronouncement of the winner. The Olympics continues to include more sports in its event to allow everyone be involved. The Paralympics which was flagged off September 22, 1989, is one of the many initiatives to make the Olympics all inclusive.

Rio Olympics is around the corner and it sure promises much fun and political drama.