During a helicopter tour of Hawaii’s largest island, the Hawaii island which covers up to 4,028 square miles, captured something extraordinary. An active volcano known as Kilauea was spotted smiling. The expression was a replica of the smiling emoji. The lava within the crater formed a smiley face that has amazed the world. The helicopter owned by Paradise Helicopters recorded Kilauea as the active volcano gradually formed a smiley face with molten magma.

Kilauea is one of the world’s most active volcanos. As the volcano smiled, acknowledging the tourist, it’s lava dripped down into the surrounding water and caused a friendly rupture in the Earth crust.

Kilauea has been continuously erupting since 1983, but it’s lava has not gotten to the ocean since 2013. Videographer, Mick Kalber captured Kilauea. Mick Kalber is a staff at Tropical Visions Video.

The friendly volcano poses no danger to the towns around the area. If one were to take “Lava” to heart, then we can say that Kilauea has found that special someone.

” Lava” is a short flick by Pixar Animation Studios and it was directed by James Murphy and also produced by Andrea Warren. It debuted in the year 2014.

The plot was on a tropical island where a single volcano, UKu, watches some wildlife creatures enjoy the company of their mates as he wishes for his own. Eventually, Uku eventually falls in love with another volcano named Lele who always listens and enjoys as Uku signs to Ocean every day for a thousand years. Lele had fallen in love with Uku over time. Lele eventually emerges on the day Uku becomes extinct. Lele is turned away, and Uku falls deep into the ocean. However, Lele sings out to Uku reigniting his fire. Uku and Lele merge and create their own Island.

Perhaps Kilauea has found that special someone who has put a smile on his face.