Pres. Barack Obama has openly expressed his dissatisfaction with presidential nominee Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Obama gave his sharpest denunciation of Trump. He went further to attack the Republicans for giving their support to such an unfit candidate. The rebuke took place right inside the White House East room following Trump’s harsh criticism of the Family of the US Muslim war hero who lost his life in service.

Obama said that Trump keeps proving himself unfit to serve as the President of the United States. He was saddened by the idea that Trump would publicly attack a Family that made exceptional sacrifices in service of the country. Obama pointed out that Trump has no knowledge on exceptive issues in the Middle East and in Europe and as such he is not the man for the job.

“There are week by week episodes in which even Republican party distance themselves from their presidential nominee “

After his denunciation of Trump, Obama went after the Republican party. Obama insisted that a seasonal episode from Trump would have been understandable, however on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, Trump acts out causing the party to distance themselves from him. He urged them to withdraw their support from him despite the fact that he is their party member. He also insisted that distancing themselves from Trump’s statement without withdrawing their support is of no consequence. It makes him doubt the sincerity of the party.

After the denunciation, Trump’s campaign responded by lambasting Hillary Clinton.

Trump blamed Hillary and Obama for the instability in the Middle East, claiming that both worked together to hand Syria, Iraq, and Libya to ISIS. He also said that US personnel were slaughtered in Benghazi because Clinton and Obama let it happen.

During his interview with WJLA Trump said that Obama is presumably the Worst President in United States history.