The American movie legend manifested his support for Donald Trump because Hillary Clinton allegedly shares the same political views as the actual president.

During a Q&A for Esquire magazine, Eastwood revealed that he didn’t have the chance to meet the Republican Party nominee but he prefers him instead of his female rival.

“Though choice, right? I have to vote for Trump because Hillary declared she plans to follow in Obama’s footsteps”, confessed the 86-year-old.

The “Unforgive” star accused the Democratic Party nominee she uses the politics for pure financial interests and he prefers Trump for speaking his mind.

“We are a generation of cowards. Everybody feels like they’re stepping on egg shells. We just see people who accuse people of racism and other similar things. When I grew up, these things were not considered racism.”, added Eastwood.

The actor took the chance to defend the American billionaire regarding the Gonzalo Curiel scandal. Apparently, Donald Trump blamed the United States District Judge for taking sides during a trial, which involved a group of students from the Trump University.

“Now Trump is a racist because he bad-mouthed this judge. Indeed, saying that this guy’s parents are Mexican is wrong. He said a lot of stupidities, but everybody does the exact same thing. From both sides.”, augmented the legendary actor.

According to the American press, Eastwood calls himself a  self-professed “liberal on civil rights”. In the past, he stated that he is pro-choice on abortion, but at the same time, he allegedly supports the Equal Rights Amendment for women.