In Manhattan, the federal prosecutor charged more than 40 suspected mobsters with charges including extortion, firearms trafficking, health care fraud, assault, illegal gambling and credit card fraud. The indictment noted that most of the crimes were committed in New York.

The suspects were all alleged mobsters categorized as “old-school”. They were based in both New York and Philadelphia. Named in the indictment was Pasquale “Patsy” Parrella, who was a known member of the Genovese crime family. Also, Joseph Merlino noted as a boss of a crime family in Philadelphia was included.

Head of the New York office of the FBI Diego Rodriguez issued a statement stating that the entire case reads like a mafia novel of old where tales of gambling, threats, “whacking” and extortion are rife. Generations of movies gave people an inside look at what mafia life is like and this indictment supports the fiction. High-ranking members of the crime families were called “administration” and the heads were always referred to as “boss”.

The Yonkers Club started as the main target of the investigation. It was a dice and poker tournament where gambling was central. The group consistently sought to gain more money, territory, and power through violence and threats. They also assaulted people and property of those they believed were in their way or jeopardized their organization in any way. The leader of the club Parrello was accused of ordering an assault on a cohort who he accused of harassing his patrons at a local restaurant.

Included in the indictment were 46 people and by Thursday morning 41 were already in custody and charged. In an unrelated case, the grandson of John Gotti was also taken into custody for selling illegal prescription medications and oxycodone with a group of six others.