Radio DJ Ebro sent the rap world into a tizzy yesterday, telling audiences about a salacious rumor he had heard. According to the radio host, Eminem had put the word out that he was preparing to come after Drake, everyone’s favorite rapping and singing Canadian pop star.

Those closest to Eminem quickly dispelled the notion, telling sources that the only one Drake could win the battle is if someone wrote his rhymes for him and gave him the chance to rehearse them. While a certain section of the hip hop community finds the idea of Drake being able to best Eminem to be blasphemous, there are many who are not so sure.

When hardcore street rapper Meek Mill came after Drake last year, armed with evidence that Drake does not always write his own rhymes, most assumed that the hardscrabble Philadelphia rhyme animal with a background in street battling would make light work of the crooning Canadian.

However, Drake responded to Meek’s Twitter rant with “Charged Up” and before Meek had even mustered a response, he delivered the nail in the coffin, with the smash hit “Back To Back”. To make matters worse, Drake used his OVO Fest concert to conduct a mock funeral for his would-be a challenger, performing in front of a series of hilarious memes that were crafted at Meek’s expense.

Modern rap battles are not about who the better rapper is, they are about who is most popular and who can win over impartial audiences. Drake has already proven himself more than capable of doing so.

No one will ever question Eminem’s rap skills, but Drake is also a master of the art of self-deprecation. It remains to be seen if Eminem would have what it takes to dethrone him or make him look foolish in the eyes of his many adoring fans.