Clauson family announced the death of the racer after initially hinting that he was responding to treatment. He died at the age of 27, in the early hours of Monday. However before his death this morning, the family had this to say:

The Clauson family had earlier taken to Bryan Clauson’s official Facebook fan page to address rising concerns and give information about his condition following the mishap which befell him during the Belleville Nationals midget race, Belleville High Banks in Kansas.

The family stated that the racer was flown to the Bryan Medical Center West in Lincoln, Nebraska following the unfortunate incident.

They also said that though he is in critical conditions, he is under the close watch of the medical crew who are in charge.

They expressed gratitude for the support shown by fans and the entire racing community and for sincere concerns shown by many.

The family, however, asked that the general public respects their privacy during such sensitive times to avoid distractions and allow full concentration on helping Bryan recover.

Belleville Nationals midget race is an annual event which draws wide attention and had its 39th edition last Saturday night.

That night, Bryan being a regular contestant had begun the race in the 9th position and had barely overtaken fellow competitor Chad Boat and was starting to set the pace when he ran into lapped traffic on the lightning quick half-mile dirt track.

Bryan, who turned 27 years in mid-June rammed into a vehicle ahead of him, somersaulted a few times and landed on his side afterwards. While he appeared to be stuck at the steering, an oncoming racer who couldn’t dodge him due to high speed and real time of the occurrence rammed into him thereby worsening the situation.

Rescue workers were seen to be working tirelessly for about 30 minutes on the wreckage caused by the accident so as to remove Bryan who seemed trap. He was later successfully removed and taken to an ambulance for first aid after that.

Although the racer was flown to the hospital as mentioned earlier, a close friend revealed that he was breathing without aid but gave no further information due to the sensitivity of the matter.

In the preliminaries which held on Friday night, Bryan who was a 3time Indy 500 starter was lucky to have come out unscratched from a nasty crash and took to Twitter to tweet his thanks to Simpson Racing and Spike Chassis.

Clauson won himself his 27th feature of 2016 on Wednesday night in Beloit, Kansas and was eager to become a four-time winner at Belleville but for the sad event. He had his 116th start of the season that night in that event and was said to be aiming for his 200th in midgets and sprints.

Fellow contestant Chad Boat, who happens to be the son of former Indy 500 veteran and USAC champion Billy, won the 40-lap main event following Bryan’s exit that night.

The president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Doug Boles and Kevin Miller who is the United States Auto Club (USAC) President would hold a press conference about Clauson at 8 a.m. on Monday at IMS.