Michael Fred Phelps is the man of the moment in the ongoing Rio Olympics.

Michael Phelps 11 is an American swimmer and the most outstanding Olympian of all time. He made a name for himself with about 23 medals in his kitten.

Michael Phelps, who is about 6ft and 4 inches took a groundbreaking record from a fellow American named Mark Spitz to be the first place finisher at a single Olympic game in 2008.He won 8 medals that year which was the Beijing games.

Recently in this year Rio Olympics, Michael Phelps had shown his dexterity, when he won the gold medal in the men’s four by ten freestyle relay.

This made him win his 19th gold medal and of course his overall 23rd Olympics medal.

Going by the result, this made the United States come first, followed closely by France who won the silver medal and the third place was occupied by the Australians and they went home with the bronze medal.

Obviously, the four by 100 freestyle is the unique and probably most entertaining swim races in the Olympics because the team for this year had professional swimmers from the previous London games.

The American winning team has put their right foot forward; we observed that Michael Phelps the starting man raced and swam with a flash of light to give the American team the lead they deserved.

While Ryan did his best to keep his pace and Nathan finished the race with less than 50mins, to bring the medal home.

It is a fantastic delight for the Americans as they can fight France and hold on to the gold medal from France, who came second.

Michael Phelps who was also part of the swimming team for 2012 US men’s relay team which had France winning though its was a fierce competition,  said then in an interview that his team will surely bring back the medal in future.

So it was a good one for the Us men’s relay team because it was a reality and a good payback on France.

Finally, Michael Phelps gave the American team an outstanding lead performance that was quite commendable and it helped to propel all the winning men to move faster to their dream, which was to win the gold medal and they won to Americans delight. Thus, bringing the final result to Americans finishing at 3hrs.09mins.92 seconds, France had 3hrs.10mins .53seconds and Australia finally at 3hrs:11mins:37seconds.