The science-fiction anthology will come to life trough a new Universal Cable Productions TV series.

“There are thousands of stories to tell in the Wild Cards world”, confessed R.R Martin for the Rolling Stones magazine.

“Wild Cards is a book series and comic book magazine. It’s like a big universe, as big, as diverse and as interesting as the Marvel and DC comic books, full of main and secondary characters”, added the creator of bestselling series of epic fantasy novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

The American author revealed that “Wild Cards” could launch in the next two years.

The “Wild Cards” anthology includes a total of 22 volumes and thousands of characters.

According to R.R Martin, the action takes place in New York during the World War II.

In 1946, a deadly extra-terrestrial virus infects everyone. The virus, known as “Wild Card” reaches into the DNA, transforming most humans into real monsters. While 90% of the human population dies, 9% end up becoming “Jokers” and only 1% of the remaining one’s are turning into “Ace’s”.

The “Wild Card” virus was created by a noble family on the planet of Takis, and it was sent to Earth to see how the humans respond to it.

Regarding the script of the new TV show, R.R Martin is collaborating with the American writer Melinda Snodgrass.

The first installment of the series was released in 1987 by American publishing house Bantam Books. The “Wild Cards” series was also adapted to comic and role-playing games.