The neighbors alerted the authorities after they heard some people screaming in the apartment next door.

Soon as they arrived at the scene, the four officers realized that they are not here to calm some brawlers. On the contrary.

The authorities were shocked to see a couple of elders who felt miserable and started crying because no one came to visit them in years.

On Tuesday night, 94-year-old Michele and his wife Jole were watching the news and the woman became so emotional she burst into tears.

The 85-year-old started crying and yelling so loud, their neighbors freaked out and thought they are witnessing an assault.

“After we entered the apartment, we realized that there is nothing to report and we are dealing with a more delicate situation: to calm down a couple who needed a little bit of help and warmth”, stated one of the Italian officers.

On the kitchen table, there were old grapes and some leftovers. While they were waiting for the medical unit to check on the elders, the policemen decided to cook them parmesan pasta.

The law enforcements in Rome served Michele and Jole a nice dinner and enjoyed the most pleasant conversation.

They even posted the images from their charity action on their official Facebook page. The emotional story gathered more than 23,000 shares.

The couple shared their life stories and the agony of their unbearable loneliness.