Over the weekend, there were hot rumors of a Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder relationship. The rumors were fueled by photos of Sarah Snyder and another man in bed. According to some industry analysts, they felt it was only a ploy for attention by all parties involved and that everything will be fine.

The photo was released by young US based photographer, Gunner on his twitter page and he generously tagged Jaden Smith. The picture was however deleted almost immediately after it was tweeted but, the damage or effect had already being achieved.

What makes Sarah’s infidelity hold more water is the fact that Gunner is her ex-boyfriend. Sarah tried to divert the focus of the controversy with an Instagram post where she said “When you have a salty little ex” “But you are so in love with your man”, she followed it up by writing, “Btw, thank you for the flower baby” hinting she got a flower from Jaden Smith with the follow-up picture.

According to Hollywood Take’s website, everything is fine with Sarah Synder and Jaden Smith, and all of the buzz from social media are rumors. Sarah has set her Instagram, and Twitter accounts privately, possibly to signal to the press that she values her privacy. Jaden and Sarah were allegedly spotted in NewYork last week, and Jaden was neither looking like he wasn’t cool with Sarah or looking like he wants to jump off a tall building.

Jaden recently took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the way his private life is always blown out and that he is also tired of being followed by paparazzi. Whether the rumors are true or not, we can only hope Jaden is fine.