Criminalization of marijuana in different countries started in early 20th century, the legislation against marijuana seems to be taking a rapid U-turn, especially in countries like the US. In the United States, the restrictions on the sales of marijuana started in 1906. The movement to legalize certain marijuana-related activated across nearly half of state in the nation has rapidly advanced a current draw between the marijuana and the financial service industry.

There are set of people numbers of legalization supporters said marijuana should be giving access to only with a doctors’ prescription. While some who did not support the legalization exercise said there should be a constraint on the purchase of it.  While other supporters said, there should be no restrictions to access marijuana.

By now, it no more news again in Ohio State that it has being signed into the bill the legalizing medical use of marijuana in Ohio, while patients shouldn’t be expectant to get it immediately the bill was signed here anytime soon. It has made Ohio the 25th state to the United States of America who legalizes a comprehensive medical marijuana program, in accordance with the count by the National Conference of State Legislatures that will accept the legalization used of marijuana in their respective states but there are a lot of things we needed to look at.

Before all supporter start putting on a full smiling face on the bill did not deny Employers in enforcing drug testing policies and maintain drug-free working environment while banks that provide facilities to marijuana-related entities would be endangered from criminal prosecution. Means that all laws guiding the illegal use of drugs are still in place.

But another question we need to ask ourselves is what makes it so different from any other kind of modern medicine a normal man do takes. Why a lot of people precisely the medical practitioners are agitating for the legalization of it. The answer is not clear to be considered seriously.

While one of the reasons why some practitioners are agitating is that using marijuana a person can feel happy no matter how depressed that particular individual was preceding to the usage. So their conclusion was that marijuana could be utilized as a cure for depression.

As we can see it is an industry which has a lot of potentials to grow faster than any other and eventually it will come to us, but it will greatly affect not only current generation but the future generations, too.

But the question we need to ask ourselves is how efficient can there be an effective and efficient control measure for marijuana around the state?