It was a golden moment for American-born racer Kristen Armstrong, as she alighted from her bike and laid on the pavement to take in her victory at the ongoing Rio Olympics 2016, immediately she realizes the titles are all hers for keeps. Kristin Armstrong born on August 11th,1973, is from Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Kristin weighing 58kg and have a height of 5ft 8 inches is a professional road bicycle racer and a three times Olympic Gold Medalist.

Armstrong just turn 43 today and getting the gold medals in Rio yesterday must have been, a predestined fate because it quite a nice way to celebrate a birthday, it an ultimate birthday gift to one’s self.

Kristin Armstrong is popular for her success in cycling which has to help her to  get on the podium at important races of every season to receives medals

Kristin Armstrong who after winning so many medals took a break, to play both wife and motherly roles by raising a family in 2009.

Later re-entered in 2012, and won the gold medal as the female Olympic cycling champion and temporary retired.

However, she did come back early this year and after much training by her coach, took part in the ongoing Rio Olympic 2016 to compete in a three-peat in the cycling individual time trial.

It was a delight for Armstrong when she pushes over Olga Zabelinskaya, a Russian to cliche the gold medal.Armstrong had a record of 44 hours 26mins 42 seconds over the 29.7-kilometer courses.

Kristin became the last woman standing,when she finished ahead of the Russian competitor Olga zabelinskaya, who got the silver medal with a space of 5min,55 seconds and it took her 11:38mins to be ahead of the bronze medal winner Anna van der Breggen from Netherlands.she even defeated the 2013 world champions Dutch rider Ellen Van Dijk at a space of 11:49mins.

With this feat, Kristin automatically becomes the oldest female cycling champion, and also the first cyclist to win three Olympics titles in the same category.

This is a slide landing victory for Kristin Armstrong; this is her third consecutive victory in Olympics having won in Beijing and London before now.