Their Olympic team attended the popular large-scale event every four years, except the Olympic games from 1964 and 1980.

But the most remarkable part is the fact that the Olympic team of Fiji never stepped on the winner’s podium.

Last night, after smashing Britain’s rugby team, the boys from the South Pacific island won their first Olympic medal in 92 years.

The powerful rugby team managed to score a glorious victory after beating Britain 43-7.

The bronze medal was awarded to the South Africa, after claiming victory over Japan.

August 11 represented a memorable day for the Fijians, after Princess Anne herself awarded the gold medals to the 12 team members.

To show their respect and their gratitude, the rugby players left the British Princess speechless by kneeling respectfully.

Before she congratulated the island country, Princess Anne took the time to shook hands with the Britain team.

“I’m a little bit lost for words. The boys were on another scale of phenomenal. They were just stratospheric and they saved the best until last”, Fiji’s English coach Ben Ryan said.

“The Fijian people don’t want anything but the gold”, stated the team captain Osea Kolinisau.

Most players grew up in poor environments and started playing rugby in trashy t-shirts, ripped flip-flops and using plastic bottles instead of professional equipment.

“We didn’t have any money. My brothers and I never got the chance to attend school together. We had to go one by one because we didn’t have enough money to buy bus tickets.”, added Kolinisau.