Justin Bieber, a 22-year old singer, has been spotted with Sofia Richie after his vacation in Hawaii with beautiful models. The 17-year old Sofia is sister to Nicole Richie and daughter of Lionel Richie. Recently, the duo was seen at Laguna Beach watching a seal. This development occurred just a few days after Justin’s skin dipping romp with Sahara Ray in Hawaii. Though, Justin, and Sofia are intimate, but it is not clear if they are dating.

A source disclosed that Justin is just a friend to Sofia though they have been seen together lately. Sofia was seen leaving Bieber’s house, dressed in tracksuit pants which seems identical to pants Bieber has worn before. On another occasion, they were spotted in Los Angeles where they went hiking. Despite the evidence that the pair has been seen together, Sofia may not be dating Justin. As she is related to celebrities, her private life will not escape the cameras. Moreover, Sofia friends are usually much older than her.

The relationship between the Canadian singer and the model daughter of singer Lionel Richie is platonic. However, being seen with Sofia fueled the rumor that the pair is dating as Justin has a reputation as a hit maker. The media tagged the model as Justin’s recent girlfriend as any girl seen in his company is referred to as hi s girlfriend. Some media outlets even went as far as publishing his nude swimming pictures during his vacation at Hawaii to drive their point home.

Justin’s fans are not left out of the rumors. They also refer to any female that the singer hangs out with as his girlfriend. Some of his fans pointed out that if all the females that he had spent time with were his girlfriends, he should have up to 30 girlfriends by now. Thus, some of them take to the social media to express their opinion on the media reports about Justin’s relationship with Sofia.

Though Sofia and Justin may be intimate friends, the model is still under age. The media should wait for her to come off age before making their conclusions. The report about the pair holding hands only depicts Justin as a gentleman who is trying to help a lady on a rocky path. Also, the evidence that Sofia was seen in Justin’s pajamas does not suggest that she is his girlfriend. Besides, she is free to wear a friend’s cloth.