Criminal mind seems to have a lot of negative PR at the moment. The termination of Thomas Gibson’s appointment was announced in a joint statement by CBS and ABC authorities. Fans are looking forward to the creativity that will be put into the termination of Mr. Gibson’s appointment.

On Thursday 13th of August, star actor, Shemar Moore was in an L.A court to give testimony against his Ex ‘Criminal Mind’ Star, Keith Tisdell. Shemar claims that Keith owes him about $60,000, demanding his former friend and colleague to pay him.

Their close relationship is said to have begun on the set of CBS’s TV series ‘Criminal Mind’ when the show was filming its second season. According to L.A times, Keith Tsidell’s attorney already paid about $5,000 money orders and the owing actor is said to be ready to offset the remaining amount.

Moore told the Judge that he ventured into business with Keith Tsidell after the became friends. Moore whose mother is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Began a charity to assist others battling with the same condition. Tisdell involved himself in the charity using the name Baby Girl LLC to get in.

It was from this charity that Tsidell stole from, after he was arrested in January on suspicion that he embezzled the charity funds. Moore said he had put a lot into their friendship and was disappointed by Tsidell, claiming that Tsidel deceived him and his other friends.

At the end of the prolonged hearing, the two actors reached an agreement that Tsidell will payback over $60,000 in a bid to avoid jail sentence.