Friday night witnessed another hacking of Democrats as hackers make details of top officials and party members public. The hackers, under the name “Guccifer 2.0” claimed responsibility for the leak after it was released on Friday. Private email addresses and private cell line numbers were released.

The data was posted on the Worldpress blog of the hackers and it also contained personal information of campaign aides and staff members. As if the hundreds of name, emails and other personal info released weren’t enough, “Guccifer 2.0” also leaked downloadable files containing to several subscription services and login details used by the party, its members and staffs. Some of the login details include those used by the party’s congress campaign committee, which includes Washington and Lexis-Nexis

Congress Campaign Press secretary, Meredith Kelly said in a statement that the DCCC has always been a target of cyber security attacks by hackers and they are cooperating with Federal investigators on the way forward to curbing such occurrence next time. The party didn’t however, confirm the authenticity of the data, saying that they will cross-check to verify its authenticity.

A lot of documents were uploaded to their Worldpress site, including analysis for candidates in the primary elections. Right before the Democratic congress, hackers leaked email of Democrat staffs which indicated Senator Bernie Sanders was tactically forced out of the race for Mrs. Clinton to win. Some people insinuated the hackers were from Russia and Donald Trump asked them to help with the ‘missing yoga emails’