On Saturday, it was announced that the only Russian in Olympic track and field competition had been banned as well.

Spokesman of IAAF, Yannis Nikolaou revealed to The Associated Press that the eligibility for long jumper Darya Klishina had been revoked based on new information the governing body received last week. Nikolaou did not specify what the new information was neither did they specify how they got the Intel.

Klishina, who was formerly a European indoor champion and previously the only one out of 68 Russians who was allowed to compete despite the serious doping scandal. The IAAF only accepted her application because she is US based. Her colleagues in the Russian team all got banned over allegations of a viral doping program sponsored by the state.

After the ban, Klishina appealed to the Court of Arbitration. The decision of the court is expected by Sunday or Monday, before the upcoming long jump competition on Tuesday next week.

President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, severely condemned the IAAF decision. He believed this is to be nothing but an unfair mockery of the athlete.

The International Olympic Committee, last month, ruled out a ban on Russia as a country. However, after the alleged cover-up by the World Anti-doping Agency the ban was adjusted, and some Russian athletes were allowed to participate in various sports.

McLaren claimed he had received some emails in which the senior Russian Sports officials discussed whether or not to conceal the doping cases related to hundreds of athletes across various of Olympic sports competition.

Some of the Russian athletes, named in the alleged report regained their Olympic spots on appeal to CAS.

IAAF addressed some questions to Darya Klishina on August 6th. She answered them accordingly, an August 13th a ban was placed. It is not clear why the decision was not taken at the same time other federations were examining the problems with other athletes who were in the list.

McLaren reported before now that his investigation is ongoing and that more athletes may get implicated.