Finally some good news for Schumacher’s fans.

According to his ex-boss, the F1 legend is responding to treatment.

“I am very happy to know that he reacted. I know how strong he really is. I’m sure that his determination will help him to overcome this difficult situation”, revealed former Ferrari CEO Luca Cordero di Montezelmo for Ecumenic News.

The 68-year-old Italian was the president of Ferrari, during Schumacher’s most successful years.

Although his family managed to keep his recovery process out of the public eye they have yet to confirm some remarkable changes.

“I constantly receive news, but unfortunately, they are not the best ones. Michael was an excellent pilot and we got to spend so much time together. Life is weird”, added Montezemolo.

In December 2013, following a skiing accident Michael suffered severe brain injuries.

Ever since the F1 legend’s condition was monitored in the comfort of his Switzerland home.

During his recovery period, the 47-year-old was nursed

by a medical staff that included 15 members.

According to his manager, his only reaction is crying. Especially when his wife and children are speaking.

Despite the fact that an army of doctors is watching him, manager Sabine Kehm revealed that his condition is getting worse.

Although, his former boss said that he is currently responding to treatment, fans went crazy after Schumacher’s staff posted a black and white shot on his Facebook page.

The image posted two days ago, gathered hundreds of likes and comments in just minutes.