The pain reliever is not considered safe during the pregnancy because it contains acetaminophen.

According to a group of Danish scientists, the substance might cause ADHD in children.

The study was conducted in 1996 and included 64,000 mothers-to-be from Denmark.

After eight years, the group of experts concluded that mothers who decided to take paracetamol during pregnancy had hyperactive children.

The main purpose of the experiment was to discover if there’s a link between children outbursts and pregnant women that used the painkiller during the first and the third trimester.

The study showed that pregnant women who took the drug had 29% chances to have children with ADHD.

“Some recent studies showed that the acetaminophen has harming effects regarding the growth of sexual organs and other hormones. It could also affect the neurological development and generates behavioral symptoms”, stated University of California professor Zeyan Liew.

Apparently, once administrated, the pain reliever affects the normal development of your baby’s brain and were strongest when mothers took it in the third trimester.

In addition, the popular drug’s could affect the normal growth of the genital organs.

Although, the scientists want to continue their studies before they confirm the harming side effects of paracetamol.

The Danish scientists want to suggest that pregnant women are allowed to use the pain reliever as long they don’t abuse it, although doctor’s think that medicines of all kind should be entirely avoided during pregnancy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, In US, almost 5,1 million children between the ages of 4 and 17 were diagnosed with ADHD.