The Turkish government issued an official order that allows 38,000 prisoners to be released conditionally in order to make room for the tens of thousands of detentions linked to last month’s failed coup attempt.

The official decree includes prisoners who served half their sentence and the ones who spent more than two years in jail.

According to Turkish Justin Minister Bekir Bozdag, the order does not apply to convicts punished for crimes such as murder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, all crimes against the state and last but not least, terrorism. In addition, Bekir Bozdag highlighted that the decree has nothing to do with a possible amnesty and the crimes committed since 1 July are not included.

“As a result of this regulation, approximately 38,000 people will be released from closed and open prisons at the first stage.”, posted Bozdag on his official Twitter page.

After the failed coup attempt, the Turkish government adopted harsh measurements against Fethullah Gulen’s sympathizers.

As a result of the incidents from July 15, Recep Tayyip decided to imprison over 35,000 people, including police officers, judges, and journalists. If they were not thrown in jail, suspects were discharged from their jobs.

Almost 240 people died resisting the coup from 15 and 16 July, as rebel parts of the military tried to seize control of Turkey, sending tanks into Ankara and Istanbul.

Recep Tayyip’s recent military strategies and his disturbing affirmations raised major concerns among the European nations.