UPDATE: The humiliating moment of Pat Hickey’s arresting has emerged on the Internet. The footage shows the former head of the European Olympic Committee in his son’s hotel room. He certainly did not expect the visit because he was naked when the authorities knocked on the door.

The Irish President was arrested at Rio de Janeiro amid accusation regarding illegal passing on tickets for the Olympic competitions.

Apparently, the 71-year-old official tried to sell the tickets at a higher price and he also attempted to run away from the authorities.

“Aware of the media stories regarding Pat Hickey and we are seeking total clarity on the situation before we comment further”, stated the spokesmen of the Olympic Council of Ireland.

The Brazilian authorities stated that Hickey slid his Olympic pass under the door, while he jumped on the balcony of the adjacent hotel room, where his son had been staying.

Police officers suggested that Hickey’s strategy is related to another scandal that implies THG Sports CEO James Mallon.

James Mallon, also an Irish-native, was arrested right at the Opening Ceremony while selling tickets on the sly.

After he was arrested, Hickey was taken ill and required medical intervention.

Patrick Hickey was the head of the European Olympic Committees and head of the Olympic Council of Ireland.

Patrick Hickey became the president of Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) in 1988 and was considered an important figure in the Irish sport. A black belt in judo, he represented Ireland internationally and competed into his 40’s before becoming a sports administrator.

He is also the Honorary Life President of the Irish Judo Association.