Tom Brady is expected to finally make an appearance for the New England Patriots. The Boston Herald reported that he will be appearing Thursday at the preseason. Though he will make an appearance, the rumor is that he won’t be playing long. It is also possible he won’t make an appearance and the rumor is just that—a rumor.

Originally Brady was supposed to play against Chicago but was given the day off due to a family member’s death. Coach Bill Belichick stated that the day off was for other reasons beyond grieving. It was surprising that he didn’t play in Thursday’s game because all other games are away. The team won’t be coming back to a home game until October 16th when they play the Bengals.

That means most likely it will be two months before Brady makes another appearance on the field. There also is the possibility that Brady won’t appear at all on Thursday either. Speculation about Brady is rife so it’s possible he won’t be making any showing anytime soon. This is, of course, much to the pains of fans who have been waiting for him. He has been difficult to find in months preceding the preseason also.

What is definite though is that when the Patriots face off against the Chicago Bears, Jimmy Garoppolo will be in attendance. He is already scheduled and it is hoped he will be instrumental for the Chicago-based team. His is looking to improve on his 168-yard showing during a preseason win when the team faced off against the Saints. He made a great showing and team officials are hopeful that he will continue he outstanding preseason appearance throughout the entire football season of 2016-17.